Dan Rona

Coach, Trainer, Consultant, Mediator

Are you lost in your journey to thriving?

Let's map

  • where you are,

  • where you want to be,

  • obstacles along your path, and

  • a guide to overcoming those obstacles.

I can accompany you along your journey with tools including

  • empathy,

  • traumatic healing,

  • emotional processing techniques,

  • communication techniques, and

  • much more

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I've been accompanying people in their thriving since 2005. In that year I met Dr. Marshall Rosenberg. He introduced me to a lifestyle he developed called Nonviolent Communication (NVC). In studying over 120 works featuring him, I discovered the philosophy behind his work. This insight empowered me to develop tools that have served me and those who I've worked with. Since 2005 I have coached individuals, counseled couples, mediated disputes, and facilitated workshops for the public, for schools, and for universities. I am currently writing a book about perspectives that enable thriving.