“I never feel more given to than when you take from me.” -Ruth Bebermeyer


“There is nothing more enjoyable then using our efforts in the service of life, contributing to one another's wellbeing.” -Marshall Rosenberg

Seeing these words many years ago inspired me to spend my life contributing to others. Right now I'm contributing by giving empathic coaching and teaching. I'm also doing research towards writing a book about how to integrate Nonviolent Communication philosophy into one's life. In order to do this work, I need resources like housing, food, transportation, etc. If you would feel the joy of contribution too, by supporting me and my drive to bring more compassion into the world, you can support me by giving me resources, some money so I can buy these resources, or perhaps by giving in another way. I have no expectations or obligations, as I encourage you to give only to the extent that it brings you joy. It's a pleasure for me to give the same care to those who don't contribute too. Below are some links that you can use to send money. If you’d like to contribute in another way, you’re welcome to contact me.